On trend. On time. On the money.

That’s our promise. Spice blends in touch with the latest flavor trends. Responsive, nimble service built on personal relationships. And value that always mean you’ll get more than you paid for.

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Focused on flavor

We’re focused on what we do well – creating, blending, and packaging the spices that give your food the flavor that makes you famous. This focus comes through in our attention to detail, our deep knowledge, and our commitment to doing the job right.

Whether it’s for chips, snacks, popcorn, breading, topical seasonings, dressing mixes, functional ingredients, marinades and rubs, batter and dough mix, brewing beer – we cover the world of flavor.

What’s in the mix?

It’s our business to stay on top of the latest trends in taste. We do business with leading restaurants and food manufacturers across the country. Every day, we talk with executive chefs and test kitchens, all looking for the next big thing. We take that input, synthesize it with our own knowledge and experience, and develop an informed opinion about just where tastes are headed – and create recipes that stay on the curve.

We’re responsive in ways that those who deal with bigger, more traditional blenders aren’t used to.

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